Getting Dirty

We are getting down and dirty with our creativity. We are excited to be working with a few local models who are beautiful inside and out. We will also be working with a film crew and my favorite SECT Freelance Makeup artist. We're buzzing around getting things organized to have some entertaining marketing coming your … Continue reading Getting Dirty


Step out

We got another sneak peak from Katie Godowski photography and I had to share it with you guys! There are so many of us who will avoid wearing things we truly love to fit in. One of the things Mentally Raw stands for is being different. Don't be afraid to get out there and wear … Continue reading Step out

A photo Speaks

  We are super excited to have had a photo shoot with Californian Photographer and Graphic designer Katie Godowski. The morning of the shoot was cold and rainy. We had a plan to shoot one place but when those plans fell through we had to find another place to shoot on the fly. Melissa, Veteran … Continue reading A photo Speaks

7 Things a Dog Mom Should Keep in Her Bag

Being a dog mom is so complicated, lol. Not really, but it's definitely a lot of work. Malcome is my 8 year old pekingese, a male diva in its' most rightful meaning. When he and I go out, I have to make sure Malcome is well taken care of or else he starts to nag. Here is a list of 7 Things a dog mom should always keep in her bag!