A photo Speaks


We are super excited to have had a photo shoot with Californian Photographer and Graphic designer Katie Godowski. The morning of the shoot was cold and rainy. We had a plan to shoot one place but when those plans fell through we had to find another place to shoot on the fly. Melissa, Veteran and Owner of Mentally Raw wanted a hot hazelnut coffee with 13 creams and 5 sugars. I was busy thinking about how cold the shoot would be and Katie was just laid back about the whole experience. After we got our caffeine fix and let it set in we decided on our local marina in Norwich Connecticut. Katie knew what shots she wanted within the few minutes of us arriving there. Melissa gathered the Mentally Raw purses from her antique El Camino and groaned while pulling herself out. I waited to get out util the last minute because it was cold. But Katie, she was such a pleasure to shoot with and confident in her work. She was open to our ideas while still incorporating her own which was a breath of fresh air. She has her Bachelors in graphic design from Mitchell College located in New London Connecticut and that shines bright in her editing, photography, confidence, and skill.

There are so many ways to market your product but like they say, “A picture speaks a thousand words.” Using pictures to market your product is imperative in sales and finding some who can capture the vision you have for your business is a challenge in itself. We not only found a great photographer but she is someone who listens and is open to our vision. The featured image of this post is one she took of a dream catcher. I chose this image because I feel like she used her talent to capture our dreams. It’s like she’s a human dream catcher.

She sent two sneak peaks of the pictures she took and we love them! In case you wanted to see one of the sneak peaks I posted it below. If you want to see more of  her work on Instagram her name is @photography_bykg or click the link to go straight there.

Thanks Katie! We can’t wait to use you again!



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