7 Things a Dog Mom Should Keep in Her Bag


7 Things a Dog Mom Should Keep in Her Bag


Malcome in his new Doggie Hammock. (Doggie Hammock’s Coming Soon)

Being a dog mom is so complicated, lol. Not really, but it’s definitely a lot of work. Malcome is my 8 year old pekingese, a male diva in its’ most rightful meaning. When he and I go out, I have to make sure Malcome is well taken care of or else he starts to nag.

Here is a list of 7 Things a dog mom should always keep in her bag!

7. Wristlet Wallet 

I don’t really like to carry a traditional wallet, they’re annoying for me because they require me to be completely organized (I realize that sounds really bad, lol). I can’t be the only one who feels this way, right? I just use a wristlet wallet for all of my cash, change, credit and debit card, my stuff fits so perfectly and it serves two purposes. It works like this, I can wear it on my wrist for easy access or I can drop it in my purse for convenience. Mentally Raw has a few good options, click here for yours.

6. A Family Picture 559184_440333472655731_1594017119_n

My wristlet wouldn’t be complete without a family picture. Right now, my family consists of 2… Malcome and myself, and I love every moment of it! Showing off pictures of my Malcie Palcie is so important to me, he’s cute and he is my only child. The thing is, I’m not the only dog parent who shows their dog off, pictures come out of everywhere when I end up in a group of other pet parents. So show off your fur baby, dog mom’s, toss a pic in your wristlet.

5. Homemade treats 

I say homemade; but really, you can carry a sandwich bag full of whichever treats you usually feed your fur baby. Something healthy is always a fantastic option, it will keep your fur kid full of life for a long time. Here’s the deal, I’ve found that having a treat with me at all times means I get to show off Malcome’s skills wherever I go. He always wants a treat and I always want a well behaved puppy lol.

4. Bottle of Water

You totally need to drink water all day long to stay hydrated… and so does your fur baby. I personally love Life Water because their water is super-duper delicious and the bottles are reusable. You can buy Life Water at any gas station for under $2 and then keep using the bottle when you’re done. Pair this with a travel water bowl so both you and your fur baby will always be hydrated. (Life Water did not endorse this and probably has no idea that we’re giving them props.)

3. Snack 

Yes, you read that right, A snack! Not for your fur baby, for yourself. I mean, it doesn’t always have to be about them. Snacks are important to have throughout the day, I urge you to indulge. Dark chocolate, popcorn, or a fruit and grain bar, you should always have something to munch on while you’re out and about. Not only will having a handy snack keep you energized, it’ll also prevent you from going to a fast food joint for a taco or something.

413j8rjrlPL2. Poop bags 

I know this seems a bit strange to have in your purse, I thought the same thing at first. But if you’re like me, you take your dog almost everywhere you go; the park, the gas station, the drive through, family events! And let’s be honest, as dog mom’s, we know that our fur babies always have to poop at the most inconvenient time. Just to avoid any shitty situations (Pun intended), I always have a roll of poop bags in my purse.

1. Lint Roller

 I have a long haired Pekingese name Malcome. He looks like a miniature lion with a mane and blonde fur leading straight to his tail. I love him to pieces but his shedding is non-stop. I often image carrying a tiny, pocket-sized, vacuum cleaner to clean the fur off myself, the car, and my purse. Since I haven’t found a pocket-sized vacuum, a lint roller usually does the trick. I have a few of them, but the most important is the pocket sized one I found at the dollar store. I keep it in my purse at all costs and use it as needed throughout the day. As the mom of a long-haired dog, I find fur everywhere.


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