Interview with our Exclusive Model

We’ve had the pleasure of working with, internationally published Bethany McMahon, a fashion model who works hard to be part of the Modeling industry. She has been part of many different types of shoots from mixed media to promotional. She’s a rebel without a cause because she makes her mental health priority to her career. She’s the revolution in a world where everything else comes before our own health. Sitting with her and doing her makeup we got to talk about our favorite music; her’s being rap. During the shoot she even pulled her phone out and played her favorite Nikki Minaj song for us to have something to listen to while we created. She also said she enjoys 90’s R&B which I can relate. With that, I have here for you a brief interview with the professional model, Bethany McMahon.Bethany Intervew Edit

What was it like shooting for Mentally Raw?

Shooting for Mentally Raw was great! It had a very relaxed, fun atmosphere.

How do you feel about being the exclusive model for Mentally Raw?

I was honored to be chosen out of everyone to be one of their exclusive models. It shows that hard work does pay off.

What do you think of their mission to focus on single women, dog moms, and writers?

It’s wonderful that someone is putting a focus on single women, dog moms and writers. We need more businesses out there that really focus on those types of women.

And last but not least what do you think about the Mentally Raw purses?

They are awesome! Like nothing I’ve ever seen. I love the unique shapes they come in, pieces to help you match your personality.


Photo Cred: James Futrell with Strictly Digital Photography. 


Embrace the Paradox within


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