Thoughts Materialized

Art isn’t thoughtless, on the contrary it’s thought materialized. Creating takes a lot of time and effort. It takes a clear mind,  discipline, and the ability to connect old ideas and experiences to new ones. Just finding different ways to do the same old thing isn’t good enough. It takes explanation and time to change the flow osewing-1229711_1280f a mindset. Introspection is something that must be done before creating anything new. You must sit within yourself and learn yourself and when you figure something out, you have to find a way to meld it with your talents. We all can glue some fabric together to make something out if it and call it whatever we like but where does that leave us? What have we learned and what have the people around us learned? When most crafters create it isn’t just to make a buck but to leave a piece of them behind. To have respected work that can be admired over the years. Thinking about your work is imperative to your legacy.


Embrace the Paradox within 





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