Our experience at the Velvet Mill


Melisse Payne Veteran and Mentally Raw Owner, Creator, and Maker

Melissa was found wearing her diy distressed jeans, a t-shirt, and a varsity jacket. She’s got a handful of tables and chairs and is anxious to see where her new purse emporium will makes it’s first sales at the Velvet Mill. The mill was a cozy temperature for a cold morning and the smell of baked goods and fresh coffee filled the open space. When customers began to arrive, Saschia was excited to hand out dog treats and meet every dog that walked past the table. Melissa got to speak with local veterans and make connections with other crafters for future collaborations. Mentally Raw is moving along at a nice pace. We will be returning to the Velvet Mill once a month and hope to see you guys there!


While you’re here, we are having a blowout sale April 19th Save the Date!

Spring Sale 2017.jpg


Embrace the Paradox within


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