Why buy handmade?

It’s made with love.

Each product made is unique and made with thought behind it.  The purse is sewn with each stitch carefully thought through.

Every crafter has their own style

Even with that same designs all crafters have their own ideas and thoughts on how to create the final product. So when you buy homemade, you are getting something literally made by the crafter for you.

You become part of their legacy

When you purchase something hand crafted you become part of their legacy. Van Gogh had little to no recognition in his lifetime but according to Aol news his painting titled  L’Allée des Alyscamps sold for 66.3 million dollars. Imagine that.

You’re boosting the economy

When you purchase from a crafter they often don’t have huge bank accounts over sea where they are hoarding all the money. They are more likely to go back out and buy the products they need.

You deserve it

So many of us put our own needs aside to put our friends and family’s needs before our own. It’s always nice to buy something for yourself.

Sasch and customer


Embrace the Paradox within



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