6 steps Make your dream a reality

As a purse emporium we have a lot of dreams which are separate from our goals. One of our biggest visions is to have a downtown emporium with a cafe and seating were people can come and be comfortable. A place where our customers can buy books and art along

with our Mentally Raw purses. We want our purses to be our main objective and displayed neatly within our pristine layout. Sunlight, the scent of fresh ground coffee and a peaceful environment, coupled with a satisfying shopping experience.





Since I took some time out to share our dreams, I’d like to share six steps to help make your dreams come true. Partly, as a reminder to ourselves but mostly to support our awesome audience.

Everyone should have dreams. We are all blessed with gifts and talents, finding them is key.

1. Acknowledge your dreams. 

Often times we have awesome dreams but we push them aside to live someone else’s. The first step to reaching for your dreams is writing it down. Try starting with, “My dreams are…

2. Narrow the list down to one or two of your passions.

Remember other dreams can be attained even when focusing on one dream.

3. Let them marinate. 

Now that you have your dreams written down, put them in an envelope and let them sit there for a week. When you come back to them you’ll have a fresh mind and/or new thoughts.

4. Research!
Doing your research is vital. You might think you wanna be a psychologist but then realize you actually want to be Occupational Therapy Assistant or a Psych Nurse which is a completely different track.

5. Find like minds.

It’s important to have a mentor as well as doing your own research. We can self-teach but learning to listen to someone who has been through it already is always a wise decision.

6. Figure out how.

Now comes the work… write down a list of steps you need to take to make your dream a reality. Remember shit happens. Your path is your own and even though you write a list of guidelines to get to your dream, doesn’t mean that it will happen in that order and in the time you expect it to.

*As a Reminder, don’t forget you’re human! We all make mistakes that’s the point! Don’t be afraid of starting because your afraid to fail. We have all failed. It’s what you do after you fall that takes you ten steps closer to your dreams!

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Embrace the paradox within 



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