Touch a purse

We have exciting news! We will be hosting a section at the Velvet Mill in Stonington Connecticut!  And you are Invited!

Location22 Bayview Ave Stonington, Connecticut

On: April 1st and 2nd.

From: 9-3pm on Saturday (The first)


From 10-1 on Sunday (The second)


According to The Velvet Mill’s “About” page on Facebook,

For over 12 years the Velvet Mill has been home to artists and craftsmen. Small businesses are thriving at the Mill.

Mentally Raw Owner, Melissa and I had the pleasure of visiting it last weekend.When we pulled up we got a great parking space even though it seemed that there was plenty of other places to park! (I love it when that happens.) The mill being puppy friendly, was well lit and had a very relaxed atmosphere. No pushy salesmen in your face. A nice variety of vendors and even a thrift store that sold children’s clothes, who handed out free bath bombs! All the shop owners were pleasant and willing to converse with us about their products. There is also a farmers market, handcrafted items, art, antiques, and even places that serve hot and cold food items.

We wanted to get involved with the Velvet Mill’s Flea Market because there are so many of us that like to poke products before we purchase them. Since Melissa and I are both pokers, we want to make it one of our priorities to give you a chance to see Mentally Raw purses in real life. Don’t miss out on Mentally Raw’s First local event at the Velvet Mill!

Interested in going let us know!! The link will take you to our Facebook Event.


Embrace the Paradox within



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