Let’s meet

As the writer of Mentally Raw’s blog, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jayne and I love writing for this business so much that I sometimes have to be lured from my computer with chocolate and donuts. You may see me in local coffee shops writing. If you do, slowly slide a donut towards me and step away. Just kidding, I’ll talk to you even if you don’t slide a donut my way. When I’m not writing for Mentally Raw, I’m working on my craft, finishing my first novel, or sleeping. Other than that, you may find me hiking with my husband and daughter. I am happy to be here for you guys, keeping you interested and up to date on whatever Mentally Raw has to offer.

My main job around here is to make sure Mentally Raw is heard about. So if you happen to follow this blog you can support us at our many different online locations.

 MentallyRaw.com, Etsy, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and of course WordPress.

Bear with us while we slowly move into our platforms and find different ways to fill it with content.

Have content you want to share? Email us!! MentallyRawusa@gmail.com We’re super friendly and open to supporting other small businesses.

Don’t forget to stop by our shop to check out our most recent products!




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