How to support a small Business for free

There are so many ways to support a small business. Investing in the company or buying things from them are both big ways to show your support. But don’t forget there are other ways to support independently owned businesses.

One major way is to spread the news. Mentally Raw has had a few super awesome supporters (cough cough April, Chelsea, Tessi, Lisa, James, Bethany, Michelle, and family Cough cough) (THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!) But there are so many others out there that want to support but don’t have the funds. One way to support Mentally Raw is spreading the word!!

Keep scrolling down to find the share buttons and support Mentally Raw with just the click of a button

On another note, as the Mentally Raw writer it’s my job to keep you all up to date on the latest purses so here’s the latest purse added to the shelf!


This is the April Clutch made with reptile faux leather. In front of it you will find a floral open face wallet. Just in time for spring. Thank God for floral!

Check out the latest products at our Etsy Shop




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