What is Feminine in 2017?

For many years,

we were told feminine was being gentle and quiet. It was cleaning and having the best meal on the table for our 9-5 working husband. It was dresses and loafers. Today, we are the generation of women who don’t have to fight to wear pants or vote. We want to work and wear pants and dress suits. We want to be stay a home moms. We want to raise more strong women. So today, in 2017, feminine has a whole new meaning.

When I think of femininity, I think of a woman who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and  who will do what she has to to keep herself healthy. She is strong when everyone else seems to be falling apart. She’s confident in her body. Not only is she all of those things but she isn’t as well. She get’s down on her looks sometimes and sometimes she’s just too tired to stand up for herself. She works hard, sometimes too hard for others forgetting about herself. She’s a paradox and that’s what Mentally Raw represents.

Femininity to Mentally Raw is being human and being ok with that.

Please take the times to check out our Website at MentallyRaw.com



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