What gender is your business?


A couple weeks ago, we announced that Mentally Raw had a baby girl! We all celebrated, smoked a couple cigars, and had a few too many glasses of champagne. But when the dust settled and we returned to our senses, we realized we might have made a tiny mistake. Did we give our business the correct gender?


Contact reporter, Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz of the Chicago Tribune asked,

Do cubicle walls and swivel chairs have a gender? What does that even mean?

It does not mean what people might first assume: that if it is a woman-owned company,… or it caters to women clients,… then it must be a female brand.

Reading her article made me think about Mentally Raw in a different way. Initially, I labeled Mentally Raw as a girl because, well, it’s a purse emporium run by two strong women. After taking a step back and really thinking about the gender of Mentally Raw, I began to think of the voice behind it all. I don’t mean the writers voice but what we are trying to do for women as women. We are trying to reward single women because in our society getting married and having babies sometimes feels like the only thing left to do, but it isn’t. There’s so much more to life than that. Not that getting married and having babies is a bad thing. They’re actually very beautiful events in our lives. Just that being single has nothing to it. No tax credits. No yay-I’m-single gifts or parties. We want to gift women for being exactly where they are.

So I did more research to find what gender would tailor our company best. According to Andreas Voniatis with Brand Quarterly,

In a recent study we found that women responded more positively to content authored by men and vice versa.

So for the betterment of our company we are going to make Mentally Raw a boy. We will raise him to be a hard working gentleman and respectful of femininity. He will do his best to satisfy his customers and will listen with patience when a women feels she has something important to say. He will reward artists and writers of all backgrounds and celebrate the joys of being dog moms because that’s what’s best for not only Mentally Raw but for our community as well.


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Interested in the articles I quoted here’s the links

Chicago Tribune Is your business male or female?


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