5 reasons why you need a purse.


Michelle Fringe Pyramid Wristlet

(Or if you’re like me you’re trying to convince someone else why you need one.)

To hold things

It can hold all sorts of things from gum and Tic-Tacs to cell phones, debit cards, ID cards, business cards, spoons, the random crumbs you somehow collect throughout the purses life etc, etc.

Keeps you safe

On a serious note, according to statistics women who fight back are often considered by rapists as too much work. Those who carry umbrellas or other large objects are less likely to be considered by rapists as their next victims. Your purse can also hold other things like bright flashlights, mace, whistles, and small guns if you have a permit.

Note: Most rapes happen with someone the victim knows. If you’re ever a victim, it’s never your fault. Here’s some Hotlines for support

Accent your style

There are so many ways to accent your style – scarves, shirts and pants with your favorite


Tessi Bag

logos, and of course purses. It’s nice when your outfit is perfect and your purse is the icing on the cake! Since Mentally Raw does custom orders we can make it easy to coordinate pieces with your favorite outfits.

You can put your books in there

There always seems to be times of waiting in life so these days, I don’t go anywhere without a book. Purses make it easier to carry around a couple of your favorite books and even a small notepad and a pen.


I always feel myself start to crash around 2 and sometimes I need a pick me up. Having a purse helps to stash treats away for when I feel my motivation start to fade. Plus, if you’re a dog mom (or any kind of mom for that matter) it can give you a moment of peace to hand over some treats. So purses make for great human treats, pup treats, or even friend treats. Everyone loves treats.

Everything is in one place


Becky Oversized Clutch

If you’re like me you put things down and walk away never to find them again. The thing that works best for me is when I have something that I need to remember, I put it right inside my purse. Then it’s always magically there when I need!


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