We launch tomorrow!

While the owner runs around getting the business ready for sales, I’m the honored writer who’s lucky enough to share some behind the scenes you’ve all been on the edge of your seats to hear more about. A few posts ago I mention something about makeup, dogs, and peanut butter and today is finally the day you get to hear about it!

As a supporter of dog moms, we of course have dogs in our homes. We had our little pup on Welcoming Duty. He loves that job but he can get a little over excited, if you know what I mean. Below are some pics,(that aren’t going to make it into marketing,) where he totally dominated the shoot. We love him to pieces and while our shoot was puppy friendly and our ladies are beautiful, we wanted to think of different ways to incorporate realistic ideas that supporting our mission and our own style into the photography. So of course the owner of Mentally Raw, (which is opening tomorrow)rt, (Yup, I know, you’re all totally excited.) suggests adding her favorite dessert into the mix; peanut butter. While I applied makeup they were in the other room with Welcome Duty and a jar full of peanut butter! All I could hear was giggles and I was totally craving a spoon full of that peanut butter. I can’t think of a more fun way to have a photo shoot!


And yes you heard correctly, our store is opening tomorrow! Click the link and bookmark it today so tomorrow you can be the first to see our amazing products!



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